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Create your design concepts with our powerful online tool.


Share your design concepts with friends, clients or colleages.
Saves you time & money
Work from anywhere/anytime
Professional results
30 000+ categorized images
Send to clients in 1 click
Collaborate & share
Save hours of redesign by establishing an initial visual look and feel, timeously getting you and your client on the same page.
Capture a theme of visual ideas into one place online. The simple drag and drag of images allows you to effortlessly build wedding inspiration boards.
Create professional, inspirational design concepts and trends faster and more efficiently, all from the comfort of your own creative space.
SampleBoard offers an eco-friendly, time efficient online solution for conceptualizing landscape designs. Immediately discover the direction that works best for your client.
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This software is fun, simple, easy to use and is a great way to maximize effectiveness for any design team. Designers can put together professional moodboards for client presentations in a matter of minutes. Our design audience is in over 45 nations around the globe and I don't think any of them should be without a product like SampleBoard. It's a resource that every designer can use.
V. Carr
Founder and Managing Director
The Interior Design Resource Agency