About Sampleboard

Presenting ideas just got simpler, better and faster

SampleBoard.com is a design-focused website which has been selected as one of four start-ups in the first ever Google Umbono programme, consisting of seed funding and mentorship for online entrepreneurs.

Google's involvement is a huge honour and affirms that SampleBoard's strategy is on target. SampleBoard offers an online image editor for creative professionals to quickly and easily output inspiring designs and professional visual concepts.

Conceptualizing visual ideas are an essential element of the creative process to ensure that client brief and concepts and are on track throughout a project. Traditional presentation boards are time-consuming and tedious to create, requiring physical samples and pictures of products to be sourced, collated and compiled into life-size concept boards. These presentation boards have to be presented in person, which incurs time and travel costs, plus they need to be adjusted or re-created following client amends, as well as storage of bulky boards.

SampleBoard.com, which launched its site in 2010, digitized the process by providing an eco-friendly, time efficient web-based solution which can be accessed from the comfort of your own creative space. It also has an extensive image library and a design community for users to interact and share visual ideas.

SampleBoard's designer-founder, Rosslyn Tebbutt, studied and worked in interior design, making SampleBoard a product 'by designers, for designers'.

"I realised there was a gap in the market for a professional web-based creative tool combined with an extensive image library and export functions that would amalgamate the most-commonly used functions of image editing software, but without the immense expense."

In essence, SampleBoard sits in between the limitations of PowerPoint and the complexity of Photoshop, making it the perfect online software solution for designers globally, helping them produce better work, more quickly and effectively.

SampleBoard is actively used by interior designers, wedding planners, fashion designers, landscape architects and more and has had immense growth globally, with its biggest user base in the US, followed by the UK, Australia and the Netherlands.

SampleBoard is based in the trendy Google Umbono office space in Cape Town.

Says Rosslyn, "We believe in the importance of a well-supported and collaborative creative community, both in SA and abroad. SampleBoard is a universal product which is locally inspired and globally used, contributing to our desire to help power the world's creativity!"

Comfortable, elegant living space
Comfortable, elegant living space
Created By: Moira Mannen
Interior Design
Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding
Created By: Emma Jones
Wedding Planning