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Uploading images

Does anyone know how I can upload some images? I know what you are meant to do, ie. Libraries, Upload Images, Add which takes me into my documents but the file type has to be "image" and the pictures I want to use are not saved as "images" file types. If you can understand what I am trying to say! I have tried re-saving them as "image" file types but this isn't an option.

Emily Dyason 23 Mar, 2011

How do I email my moodboards?? Keeps saying public access restricted?

Andrea Simonsen 01 Mar, 2011
Why people love taupe/beige/neutral??

Do people actually like this colour or are they afraid of other colours?

lorraine simpson 10 Feb, 2011
World Design Capital

Cape Town?s bid to be World Design Capital 2014

Pixy Louise Smith 12 Jan, 2011
Using WORDS on your mood boards?

I notice that the majority of sample board users do not make use of words. Why not? Do words not conjure up emotions, set tones and create atmosphere as well?

Henry T 11 Jan, 2011
Why do I create a mood board?

As a point of departure, prior to creating a mood board, I often wonder if the need to create a mood board overshadows the real drive to create one. Is creativity driven by an emotive thrust of futuristic ideologies or vision, or is it merely a means of expressing current bursts of enthusiasm. ? a mere means to satisfy the immediate need to create?

Henry T 11 Jan, 2011
Sample boards from old site

where did they go?

Administrator 17 Dec, 2010
The Launch of SampleBoard

Our new site is up-and-running ready to use!

Administrator 10 Dec, 2010
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