What Our Customers Think

"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SAMPLEBOARD FOR INTERIOR DESIGNERS. This software is fun, simple, easy to use and is a great way to maximize effectiveness for any design team. Designers can put together professional concepts and moodboards for client presentations in a matter of minutes. Our design audience is in over 45 nations around the globe and I don't think any of them should be without a product like SampleBoard. It's a resource that every designer can use."

V. Carr
Founder and Managing Director
The Interior Design Resource Agency

"I recommend and encourage my design students to join the growing band of creative designers in the SampleBoard community. The brilliant digital web editor is easy and fun to use. I JUST LOVE THE DIVERSE RANGE OF OPTIONS AVAILABLE ON THIS PLATFORM. The professional looking boards certainly raises the level of design presentation. I find the excellent boards showcased in the design community inspiring. Encouraging students to use eco-friendly methods in their design practice is also important to me. Sample boards allows designers/students to email the boards directly to their clients or tutors. I also believe using SampleBoard.com enhances and improves the students design skills."

Rosena MacFadzean
Tutor and writer
Australian College QED

"SampleBoard.com is an effective and EASY-TO-USE PROGRAM for creating wedding inspiration boards which have become an important marketing tool for my wedding and event design business. The program is very intuitive and I was able to create a virtual canvas of images that I can send to clients or upload on my blog."

My Linh Miles
Noble Four Designs
Los Angeles, California

"I WAS LUCKY TO DISCOVER SAMPLEBOARD.COM. It is a time-efficient, intuitive program with a great library of images, which allows you to produce very colourful, informative boards. It is a great tool to support your project, enrich your portfolio or simply practice visual thinking - so important in the designer's role. The wide range of work from other designers is also very inspirational. I truly enjoy my learning journey and recommend this tool to other designers"

Freelance Interior Designer
Fulham, London

"SampleBoard was suggested by my online school and it is very easy to use. Great feedback and communication with the Sampleboardteam. The boards look great in my portfolio too!"

Teri Johnson
Interior Design student
The Interior Design Institute

"I regularly use sampleboard.com, and have done for the last few years - I FIND IT INVALUABLE IN MY WORK - a really useful resource - and so quick and simple to use. It's a really effective and easy way to get inspired! I'm even more pleased that sampleboard.com now includes landscape and garden design, as well as interior design, as I've branched out to include that in my work, too! I'm really looking forward to exploring all the gorgeous images and plants, as well as home interiors. I recommend SampleBoard for anyone looking for inspiration for their own home and garden design."

Charlotte Brown
United Kinddom

"NO MORE SCISSORS AND TAPE? I was thrilled to find this time saving and easy to use "business tool". I have already created a board that is being used to pull together a table vignette for a trade show. My clients are going to love this!"

Linda Smith
Interior Designer and Event Stylist
New England Fine Living

"SampleBoard is a great idea and as the image libraries and tools continue to develop it will continue to get better and better. It's easy to use and MY CLIENTSLOVE THE FACT THAT I CAN EMAIL THEM A PDF OR PNG OF THEIR SAMPLEBOARD"

Simone van der Plas
Encompass Ideas Ltd
Interior Architecture and Design

"THIS WEBSITE IS AMAZING, and really easy to use implementing technology without compromising creativity and the overall effect of my visual presentation!"

Sara Falla
Elite Interiors Ideas
London, UK

Comfortable, elegant living space
Comfortable, elegant living space
Created By: Moira Mannen
Interior Design
Beach Wedding
Beach Wedding
Created By: Emma Jones
Wedding Planning