Sampleboard Tour

Search at your fingertips
The SampleBoard gallery allows you to browse 30 000+ product and industry specific images, search ColourLovers by color, pattern or palette, clip and save images from across the web, import images from Flickr and Picasa or upload your own.
Simple media search towards faster concept creation.
Effortlessly build inspiring design concepts. Create online
SampleBoard goes way beyond its proprietary installed image editing desktop counterparts and offers you the power of the Internet. With a full set of professional design tools, SampleBoard helps you combine product images, fabric swatches, textures, colors, palettes and patterns to convey your design concept in the early stages of your creative project.
Share with ease
SampleBoard enables you to share visual ideas with clients earlier to ensure you're on the right track. Export a design to your computer, insert into, share your designs on social media, publish your designs to the community for feedback and comments, or send an email with a link, all with a few simple clicks.
Get your client on the same page.
Wherever you are, SampleBoardÓł right there with you. Access Anywhere
Access your designs and make them available to your clients 24/7. Whether you're on your work or home computer, Mac or PC, Firefox or IE, a computer with or without image editing software, you should always be able to work on your concept ideas for client pitches.
Folder Management
You've got to have a place to store all your images and designs other than your computer. SampleBoard enables you to create and manage your projects and library folders by name and description. By creating folders, you will be able to manage your projects more efficiently and access your work and image library no matter where you are, or what machine you're using.
Privacy ON
Visual concepts hold some of your most precious ideas. Mark them public for community feedback and comments, or mark them private for your eyes only. If you value your intellectual property, privacy and client confidentiality, SampleBoard is the easiest way to effectively secure your projects, image libraries and designs, keeping them private and secure.
Community Inspiration
Inspiration is just a click away in SampleBoard's gallery of professionally designed visual concepts. Find the creative spark you need to realize your own project and borrow from the experience of the world's best designers to get a head start.